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Planning to mount a BUFFL item in the cab of your Scania, Volvo or DAF? Good idea! But how exactly do you do that? Don't panic. Every part you buy has a manual. In it we explain step by step how the assembly works. Not so handy yourself? Then we will assemble your purchase for you, at a small additional cost. Call us for an appointment, via +31 (0) 486 725 067.



We want your truck to look brand new just as much as you do. That starts with careful maintenance. How? Read the best-kept maintenance tips from the BUFFL workshop below:

  • With our diadem cleaner, your car stays shiny and responsibly clean. You buy this cleaning agent from us in Reek and in the webshop.
  • Always clean your interior with dabping movements. Don't rub!
  • You wipe the immersion and spraying with a microfibre cloth. This prevents scratches.
  • You wash your curtains on a cold program (30 degrees).
  • If your car is stationary for a longer period of time, turn it out of the sun. This is how you combat discoloration.